Safety Policy








We ensure that risk to personnel and equipment involved in the project execution are identified, assessed and maximally minimized with recovery measures firmly in place. A proper proactively incident documentation will be vigorously implemented. HSE officials will carry out pre-mobilization inspection on all our equipment before commencement of work on site.

Ensures the education, and safety awareness training, of new employees and sub-contractors. Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) shall be performed for critical activities during the project life to complement Toolbox Talks and Total Safety Task Instruction (TSTI) briefings. These will be documented as evidence of compliance of safety requirements.
Ensures that the safety is a Line Management Responsibility. Daily inspection, random audits and drills will be carried out on all work areas.

Our safety policy prevents accidents, unsafe acts, injuries on personnel, and property damage of any kind. Ensures that safety points will be located within construction sites and Base Camp office areas before entering the site.

All personnel, including sub-contractors’ staff on the project shall wear appropriate safety material.  Specific task may require additional PPE.

Kokson Seasons International Limited shall monitor the effectiveness of safety policy.








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