Equipement Inspection




What do we do?

360 Equipment inspects boilers from virtually all OEMs. We combine our experience, thoroughness and proven processes to deliver quality boiler inspection services during planned and forced outages.

Boiler Inspection Service includes:


  • Pre-outage unit walk-down and planning with the customer Inspection of the boiler equipment and systems for problems, suitability of application and remaining life
  •  Inspection of pressure parts
  •  Inspection of burners and windboxes as well as ductwork
  •  Daily punch lists and identification of those items that will require immediate attention
  •  Post-outage final report within days of the inspection with findings and recommendations for repairs and prevention
  •  Post-outage meeting with plant personnel to discuss findings and recommendations as well    as planning for repairs

Lifting Equipment Inspection

  • Cranes (Mobile, Overhead, Pedestal Cranes)
  • Forlift
  • Lifting Gears and Accessories (Wire Ropes, Slings, Shackles etc)


Non-Destructive Testing Services – 360 Equipment Co. Provides field inspection services. Our services include full range of NDT methods, Quality Control and Quality Assurance functions, and physical testing.

Our capabilities include Ultrasonic (contact, immersion), Radiography (X-ray, Gamma Ray, Film & Real-Time Radiography), Liquid Penetrant (Wet/Dry, Fluorescent, Visible), Ground Penetrating Radar, Eddy Current (flaw detection, material sorting), Positive Material Identification (XRF), Charpy, Tensile, Fatigue, Compression, Impact, Hardness, (Brinell, Rockwell) Flexural & Peel, and Tear & Drop Weight (MT-multidirectional products, portable, stationary).

Who we serve – Chemical, Petro-Chemical, Automotive, Utility (Power Generation), Civil (Infrastructure), Department of Transportation (DOT) Electronics, Casting and Forging, Light/Heavy Manufacturing, Bridge/Building. 




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