Instrumentation and Controls

Flowmeter Installation
360 Equipment and its technical partners Flow Measurement provides extensive open-channel and pipe flow support services to a multitude of companies. These include: flow surveys, effluent flow measurement, service contracts, equipment hire, and test & calibration services.

Flowmeter Sales
360 Equipment, through our technical partners, represents a lot of international manufacturers of various taype of Flowmeter.

For sales enquiries, our technical sales and qualified technicians are on hand for technical assistance and advice.

Flowmeter Rental

As part of our commitment to offer our clients best service, we offer an extensive range of flow measurement equipment for rental.

All our instruments are certified and tested, to ensure trouble free operation on site.

We offer technical support via our technical partners.

360 Equipment stock a range of electromagnetic, turbine, vortex and ultrasonic flowmeters, Optical Gas Meter  which are available for hire.

Flowmeter Verification and Calibration

360 Equipment and its technical partners provides extensive meter calibration and verification services to the Oil & Gas Industries, environmental and other sectors in Nigeria.

In-situ verification involves the process of testing a flowmeter in-situ utilizing portable calibrated flowmeters.

The primary cell is tested utilizing reference meters, where as the transmitter is tested utilizing specialist simulators. Telemetry and signal loops are tested utilizing simulators and loop calibrators. In total, this process can establish and eliminate errors between the meter, it's transmitter and signal loops.


  •  Instrument Repair & Process Control Services
  •  Flame Safeguard Controls
  •  Preventative Maintenance
  •  System Loop Checks
  •  Instrument Service Contracts
  •  Instrument Service Support
  •  System Start Up
  •  New Equipment Installation
  •  Small System Engineering
  •  Panel Fabrication
  •  System Integration 

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