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Sale of Slightly Seasoned MTN

We can provide SS BG/SBLC/MTNs at a price of 66+1% FV of BI, as follows:

Instrument : BG/SBLC/MTN
Format : Per Standard Top World Bank / ICC Format (EXHIBIT AA)
Issuing Bank : DEUTSCHE BANK AG (FRANKFURT)/Barclays/HSBC–Lond on UK
Currency : Euros
Term : One (1) years and One (1) day.
Age : Slightly Seasoned
Contract Amount : Ten Billion Euros (10,000,000,000.00)
First Tranche : Minimum (€100,000,000.00)(€500,000,000 .00)or Euro 1B or as agreed
Subs Tranches : As agreed by both Principals.
Invoice Price : Sixty six (66%) percent of Face Value.
Commission :(1%) percent of Face Value, 0.50% For SellerÂ’s Side And 0.50% For BuyerÂ’s Side.
Payment : SWIFT Wire Transfer.
Screening : EUROCLEAR.
Delivery : MT-760 Followed by Original Copies by bonded courier bank-to-bank.

1. Buyer submits this Letter of Intent (LOI)/ Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with full banking Co-ordinates, and ClientÂ’s Information Sheet, Non-Solicitation Letter, Company Registration and Copy of the SignatoryÂ’s Passport, Corporate Resolution, and Indemnity Pay Protection Agreement.

2. within 24 hours seller countersigns LOI and returns to buyer with Details of Issuing bank, passport copy ETC. This LOI automatically becomes a full commercial recourse contract. Both parties shall lodge the executed contract with their respective banks. Seller issue invoice/undertaking letter to buyer for the payment 1% Reassignment fees/Insurance deposit.

3. Within 24-48 Banking hours Seller bank verify and approve transaction/LOI and send confirmation to seller email address:Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â… and copy to buyer email address:Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…Â…. Buyer request invoice for 1% reassignment fees/insurance deposit by fed wire. Seller issue invoice/undertaking letter to buyer for the payment Reassignment fees/Euro-clear charges. Invoice shall contain limited details of instrument (Isin/Cusip Number) Note: Sellers fees receiving bank account shall be different from issuing Bank Account.

4. Buyer receive invoice and shall transfer by fed wire the reassignment fee / Insurance Deposit to seller for confirmation. Buyer sends payment confirmation copy to seller for authentication. Seller receives payment and seller bank shall within 48 hours reassign instrument on euro-clear to buyer.

5. Within 48 banking hours, seller Bank shall send the instrument by MT760. Buyer bank confirms and verifies BG/SBLC/MTN MT760; Buyer shall within 1 – 3 Banking daysÂ’ or as agreed by both parties pay Seller total fees and Consultants commission by MT103/23 conditional payment or MT799 ICBPO and send confirmation copy to seller.(Should Buyer default to pay the fees to the Seller and the Intermediaries fees as agreed on this contract within allowed number of days on confirmation of Swift MT760, Seller shall instruct the issuing bank to put a claim on the BG/SBLC/MTN thereby forcing the Buyer’s bankers to return the BG/SBLC/MTN swift MT-760 to the issuing Bank.)

6. Seller confirms MT103/23 or MT799 ICBPO and authenticate. Within 1-3 days Hard copy will be sent to Buyer bank by bank-bonded courier. Buyers bank receives original copies and shall withdraw clause 23 or pay by fed transfer total fees and commission.

7. All subsequent tranches will be based on the same procedures until collateral or funds become exhausted.

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